A Death Penalty Fight Comes Home


Source : New York Times

Date : Feb. 5 2013


This article is about abolishing death penalty mainly based on one innocent man’s, “Mr.Bloodworth” experience. Mr. Bloodworth was accused just because his face was similar to the police sketch of the murder of a 9-year-old girl. He almost went to the end of death penalty but after 9 years, he was finally released by DNA test. After he was released, he tried to go back to his normal life, but it wasn’t that easy as he thought.

It says that these days, the use of death penalty is declining and 17 states no longer have death penalty at all. Personally, all the states should abolish death penalty. If they still want to maintain death penalty, then they should check the murder much more precisely whether if it’s the right person or not. Innocent people being accused, more worse, being executed… it doesn’t make sense at all. There is one of the phrase that Mr. Bloodworth said, “If it could happen to me, it could happen to anybody”. This phrase really came up to my mind.

If people want to maintain death penalty, they should be responsible.


Global Issue : Death penalty

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One Response to A Death Penalty Fight Comes Home

  1. Barbara says:

    Add you name (Sun?). Be sure not to just give an opinion. Instead, provide an analysis. An interesting connection here might be to think about DNA technology and Jameson’s discussion of technology. Maybe we can discuss this in recitation.

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