Facebook Cancels Shortcut Over Concern for Security


Source: New York Times

Date: Nov, 2012


Facebook created a shortcut, called auto login, for users to log into their pages faster and easier. However this shortcut ended up exposing the email addresses and allowing access to the Facebook accounts of over one million users. The auto login lets users go directly to their pages by clicking on a Web link sent to their email. However some users posted the links on the Web, allowing anyone to search for them and give a stranger access to the Facebook pages connected to them.

This incident reminded me of the scene in the reading, Rainbows End, when one of the characters, Alfred, talks about how the people of the past didn’t have to worry over technological problems, but people today (in the future?) are falling into a false sense of security and idea that their time is better than the past. Some people may think that the world is getting better by becoming more digital. While the world becoming digital may solve problems such as communication, it also brings about just as many new problems. The main problem would be security, which is highlighted in this article. Facebook is a revolutionary site that connects people all over the world, but it also brings security and hacking issues to the table too. Can digitalization and technology bring more security? Can design resolve security issues? In our product design class last year we did a project based on security, but no one was able to come up with a perfect “security” product. Can there ever be a complete sense of security in this world?


Global Issue: Technology and Hacking

Primary Design Lens: Technology Design

Secondary Design Lens: Design for Change

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One Response to Facebook Cancels Shortcut Over Concern for Security

  1. Barbara says:

    Christine, add your name to your posts. Interesting connection to Rainbow’s End–can you develop this, elaborate a bit more?

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