Global Issues

Justice, Nature and the Geography of Difference

Global Issues

Another impressive piece is a smart-looking wall-mounted box frame containing a pristine Shell garage receipt. Both the fact that it’s from Shell and the junk-food purchases listed on it – Aero, Ribena and Wheat Crunchies – speaks volumes about impact of big business and consumerism on our everyday lives.
Live events due to take place include Exploding Cinema on Friday December 16 and Big Green Ball, organised by festival environmentalists Big Green Gathering, on Saturday December 8.
When I casually remarked to a fellow visitor that the opening show had been a great success, she asked me how I defined success. This sums up the essence of the show for me and the role of art itself: ordinary people questioning the things that are all too easily taken for granted, be it the definition of success or the very survival of the human race and our planet’s fragile ecosystem.

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  1. Barbara says:

    Omar, add you name to your posts. This seems interesting, but can you provide a bit more context? This is an exhibition you are discussing? Develop your analysis–it is interesting. Also add some details and context.

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