Globale Issues

Art Decoding Reality:

This is a show in New York, and the following this the description from an interview by brienne walsh.


People prone to lucid dreams (or acid flashbacks) might have found themselves transported to a familiar state in “Syn­thesizers,” an exhibition of seven large-scale pigment prints and a film by Chicago-born Takeshi Murata. Resembling photographs, but made using computer programs, the prints depict interior spaces in a hyperrealistic style. Either digitally rendered or appropriated from stock images the artist found online,

Reading the Accelerando, Rainbows End, Geopolitical Aesthetic, shockwave river and from the lecture, the idea of using art as a means to hock into the real environmental and or physical issues

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2 Responses to Globale Issues

  1. Barbara says:

    Ah, I see. The other post is a continuation of this one. This looks like a great show. Can you develop the idea you present at the end of your post? I think you present something very interesting, but it could use some elaboration. Maybe we can discuss this in recitation.

    • greeo414 says:

      Sorry I’m just getting back, I didn’t get to check the post as often as I would like this week, and I just got in so I haven’t posted yet. I will do better I promises

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