“NYC Hate Crime: Black man who pushed Korean man into incoming subway in custody”


Date: December 4, 2012

Few months ago, Ki-Suck Han, a 58-year-old Korean born American was involved in a verbal argument with a black man on the subway platform at the Times Square station. Moments before a subway entered the station, the man pushed Han onto the subway tracks. Han tried to climb back on the platform, but was struck by the train and dead. His death after being pushed into the path of an oncoming subway train was tragic and preventable, and reveals some of the most horrific aspects of human nature.

In the end, it doesn’t matter who started it. However, there is a problem that not a single person tried to help save his life. The photographer who took the picture of Han trying to claw his way back on to the platform sold this picture under the headline “doomed” and “this man is about to die”. He claimed he was too far. Yet, whose first instinct when trying to help a person is to pull out their camera?

Perhaps there wasn’t time to help Han. But why didn’t anyone try? Why was the first instinct of onlookers to watch?

The truth is that the violence and death occurring due to the deep mistrust between the Black and Asian communities, like Han’s death. Tired of suspicion, hatred, violence and death, I believe we can do better, and be heroes.

Link: http://www.examiner.com/article/nyc-subway-push-killing-suspect-taken-into-ustory

Yoonkyung Won.

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2 Responses to “NYC Hate Crime: Black man who pushed Korean man into incoming subway in custody”

  1. Barbara says:

    Add your name to your post. Also, be sure to add an analysis–can you think of a way to tie this to art and/or design? Perhaps the discussion could focus on the use of photography and the ethics involved. Do you see any connections to the readings (Harvey or Jameson)?

  2. wony323 says:

    Yoonkyung Won.

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