Headline: In Propaganda Video, Only North Korea Sleeps Easy

Date: 2/5/13

Source: The New York Times

Abstract: A video was posted recently on Youtube by one of North Koreas advertising agencies.  The video starts as a man’s dream sequence while an instrumental version of the song “We Are the World” plays in the background. In this dream sequence many different images are shown resembling a happy, and unified Korean peninsula, as well as a terrifying depiction of what is interpreted to be Manhattan engulfed in flames. The propaganda video has been removed from Youtube because of copyright infringement from Activision’s game Call of Duty, but has leaked to other sources. ( Harvey’s writing highlighted environmental issues in this propaganda when focusing on the problem of laws having to vary according to environmental constraints (Censorship, N. Korean environment), and also the justified domination of nature through political structures (in this case the destruction of another environment.) This made me also think of American propaganda during WWII.


Global Issue: Nuclear Missiles / Propaganda

Primary Design lens: Motion Graphics

Secondary Design lens: Communication Design / Propaganda



-Samantha Cooper


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One Response to Propaganda

  1. Barbara says:

    Samantha, always add your name to your posts. You pose some interesting ideas–let’s discuss these in more depth in recitation. There seems to be something about violence that needs to be discussed–this could be understood in relation to Ed Keller’s lecture.

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