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There are many reasons why it is difficult for China or India to take the lead of the world,   and this might be one of those challenges but I would never thought about is on the climate change. Everyone on earth are facing the same problem is climate change, it is the global issue and everyone has responsibility to take care of it. 

Global warming sounds like an old topic, we all know how to solve the problem in person, but how about the relationship between countries and countries? For a long time ago, Europe and America were gradually becoming a developed countries, and now Europe and America also are becoming a supporting countries in the world’s climate-change issue. China and India aim to develop their own as fast as they can, therefore, the lead polluters to climate-change issue are point to China and India. In the article, the author brought out many point of view, from an environmentalist’s point of view is the developing countries bring the despair. However, climate-change issue is not happened in one night, it is accumulated for decades, everyone should have the same responsibility, no matter the developed ones or the developing countries. I think thing the reason why the young folks are becoming less interested in global problem is this happening issues seemed so far from us, because we have no idea whats the relationship between countries and the most importantly, the political thing is too hard to understand. Every countries are more focusing on their own benefit, and the world becoming unbalanced. I do not think the developed countries can stand by side and setting rules for the world, not acting like a supporter but also, I do not support that developing countries should working on industry blindly. In personal, I thing the global warming problem everyone should stand on the same position, the polity is the least needed. As a designer, to think about the sustainability is also essential for any concept in future.

Resource: The Economist 

From From the print edition: Books and arts

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  1. Barbara says:

    Ming Hsi, please add your name to your posts. Also, this is an interesting topic–can you add some analysis? I see some connections to the Harvey and Jameson readings–think about how their points relate to your example.

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