The Mars Initiative

Date: 2/5/13



In August, NASA  accomplished one of the greatest scientific and technological achievements in the history of space travel. They sent a 2.5 billion dollar rover to Mars, a feat thought of to be science fiction until now. However, because of drastic budget cuts that mission could be the last of its kind for a long while. Or is it?

A new organization, appropriately named The Mars initiative is a new project, completely volunteer based, that aims to find one million people who support a manned mission to Mars. If a million people were willing to donate just 1 dollar a month, then the project could raise 12 million a year, and all the money would be saved in an account that would remain untouched until the first manned shuttle to Mars was announced. 

This article was extremely satisfying for me to read, I, along with thousands of other people, was very upset to hear of NASA’s last shuttle launch in July. I think space travel, while not the most prevalent thing to spend money on, is extremely important for the advancement of this country. I thought that the idea to entrust the people of the world with the future of space, regardless of government funds, was a brilliant idea. Because the price is so little, and the reward so great, I think the initiative is going to be extremely successful once it gains traction.




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