The Ups and Downs of Electronic Medical Records




     As technology continues to progress, there has been a call to electronically track and monitor patient health and records. While some make the defense that doing so allows doctors to help patients more effectively, there has been several causes for concern specifically regarding technology. Many doctors and nurses cannot keep up with this newfound technology because it is so new. It is also prone to crashes, and vulnerable to abuse and hacks. Additionally, data is easily entered incorrectly and mixed up and difficult to monitor because there are so many different patients, doctors, hospitals, and administrations. 

     This weeks readings dealt with different themes in regards to technology, including the idea of technology allowing people to be monitored. Technology is often heralded as something that benefits the human existence. It can be used to protect, to prevent catastrophes, and to add ease into out lives. Although it can serve these purposes, it often comes at the expense of our privacy. It seems that as information becomes more and more digitalized, intimate details of people’s private lives from tastes in music to medical records have become vulnerable. So perhaps technology can make our lives easier, but we may have to ask ourselves at what price we are willing to pay.


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One Response to The Ups and Downs of Electronic Medical Records

  1. Barbara says:

    You make an interesting connection to themes from the readings. Can you develop this, add a bit more specificity? Let’s discuss in the recitation.

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