“There is no nature anymore”


The Unknown Fields Division is a nomadic design studio that explores unreal and forgotten landscapes, alien terrains and obsolete ecologies. It navigates a different globe section and provides a map of complex and contradictory realities to the present.

The image taken by the Unknown Fields Division- a scene from an enormous gold mine in Australia- brings our attention to the understanding of how we are related to nature as David Harvey mentioned in the reading. It seems we see nature more as a resource than a harmonious interaction. The site requires 200 trucks to excavate rock to produce one gold bar, which costs about $2400 according to Liam Young, a leader of the Unknown Fields Division. There is a disconnection between the process and the product, which we are unaware of or exposed to. Then the question, as Ed Keller said in the lecture, is how can we as designers and artists make act of making visible, and push the idea to sustainable practice. Shared information through networking and rapidly developing technology are secondary resources given to us in exchange to push the boundaries and thus bring changes for a hopeful future.

Source: Dezeen

Link: http://www.dezeen.com/2013/02/04/liam-young-tomorrows-thoughts-today/

Global Issue: Limited resources

Primary Design Lens: Design strategy

Secondary Design Lens: Design for change

-Celina Lee

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One Response to “There is no nature anymore”

  1. Barbara says:

    Celina, don’t forget to add your name to your posts. You make some nice connections to Harvey and Keller–let’s discuss these in more detail in the recitation.

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