bottle brick – treasure trash?

date : feb 6th 2013

source: core77




A used bottle is generally seen as garbage. What no body really thinks about is the after life of said used bottle. The bottle brick by Tim Dubitsky inspired by Heineken’s WOBO bottle is an idea worth spreading.

 Every year millions of tons of plastic is thrown into already overflowing landfills and a considerable percentage of this plastic is the commercial PET plastic bottles. Every year large amounts of carcinogenic gasses are also released into the atmosphere due to the manufacturing of drywall foams.

Tim Dubitsky’s brick bottle combats both these critical environmental issues using not only an environmentally friendly material (glass) or extending the usage life of the bottle but his concept also highlights an important philosophy, one that both Joel Towers and Ed Keller touched upon. The idea of changing the way we see. 

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One Response to bottle brick – treasure trash?

  1. Barbara says:

    Who is this? Add your name. Also add tags. Nice example and connection to the lectures–maybe you could expand this analysis.

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