Architecture of Place

Headline: Toward an Architecture of Place: Moving Beyond Iconic to Extraordinary

Source: PPS


   As every object has a communication between people, there is also a communication between architecture and people too, which is crucial.  When we think of “communication”, we usually think of “words”, talking to each other. This is the primary meaning of communication. If we go deeper, even though we don’t see words, we still could communicate regardless of whether it’s a person or an object.  

   This article is mainly about the architecture(place) and space. It’s not dealing with communication that much but I think there is still a connection between it. To be a great architecture, the choice of space, the environment and the design is really important, especially it depends how the architect uses the space well. By this, I think this “space” is the same thing as “communication”. People could know the architecture by the feeling towards it. The mood the architecture gives. For example, “The new Cooper Union building” itself is a very beautiful building, but overall, it failed to have a connection between place and space. On the other hand, “The New York Times building” came out successful. We could feel that there is a strong identity of itself, such as what kind of building it is.

   I thought that the use of space in architecture has a connection to Lauren’s lecture. It’s because in the book she wrote, there are mostly pictures not writings, but still there was no trouble in understanding. This means, communication is not all that have to do with words. 


Shauna Lee 
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One Response to Architecture of Place

  1. Barbara says:

    Shauna, Your example connects strongly to last week’s discussion of the Jameson reading–how objects communicate. Architecture is both image and embodied–an interesting form for potential communication.

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