Radioactive – Fukushima ‘running out of space’ to store dirty water

In was interesting to compare the Radioactive reading to this article. In the article it talks about the limitation of space in Japan has to contain the tens of thousands of tons of radioactive water and the serious dangers that can ensue  It also talked about how the radioactive water may already be seeping into the underground water system and possibly reach into public water supply and the ocean. The article also stated that experts believe that if for certain the contaminated water is released into the environment it will leave a devastating impact. I appreciate the readings love story manner and tone on the Curies pioneering research on radioactivity. It interesting in how they illustrate the Curies development and progression with it as a science and in their relationship. I wanted to connect the two because the reading talks about the beauty in the Curies science pertaining to radioactivity and the article has only a despairing tone of the potential dangers. I thought this was interesting how new information and discoveries can be so beautiful and mystifying and with time the dangers and harm reveal themselves.

Jaime Ortega

Global Issues: Radioactive Marie & Pierre Currie

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One Response to Radioactive – Fukushima ‘running out of space’ to store dirty water

  1. Barbara says:

    Jaime, Good point. Lauren shows how the Curies understood their responsibility and how they understood their role in an ethical realm. Our irresponsibility when it comes to nuclear waste–even when we understand the consequences–is a departure from the orientation possessed by the Curies. Maybe we can discuss this in recitation.

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