South Carolina Offers Details of Data Theft and Warns It Could Happen Elsewhere


In was interesting to compare the Accelerando reading to this article.  In the article it talks about how a group of people hacked the South Carolina Department of Revenue and stole millions of peoples personal information.   It also talked about how the authorities did not do enough to stop this.  I found it interesting in the Accelerando reading that when Manfred met Bob Franklin for the first time and went to shake his hand, Manfred’s PDA traced Bob’s fingerprints and told Manfred all the information about him and what he does.  I thought this was interesting because it shows that in the future hacking can be an everyday thing and just keeping some kind of device in your pocket will help you find information about the person you are talking to.   Also another thing I thought was interesting is how hacking will be easy to do in the future.  Like the article said authorities did not do enough to stop the hackers but that’s because they probably could not trace the people who were attacking the Department of Revenue down.  Also the hackers probably spent months or even years to figure out how to plan their attack, but in the future everyone will be hacking people by just clicking a button and not even thinking about it as hacking someone’s information because that is the way people will communicate.  The readings also made me think about how lazy we are making ourselves and that instead of talking to someone about what they do and who they are we are just reading something off a screen even though that person is right in front of us.

Michael Cicione

Global Issues: Technology and Hacking

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One Response to South Carolina Offers Details of Data Theft and Warns It Could Happen Elsewhere

  1. Barbara says:

    Mike, The merging of screen personas and physical personas is an interesting topic to explore. In terms of the everyday hacking you discuss, what are the implications of this? How can we relate this to those made evident in Accelerando?

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