State of the Union Address (Global Now)

Headline: “What Obama Said Tuesday Night”

Date: 2/13/13

Source: CNN

Abstract: In the article, CNN summaries what President Barrack Obama said to the public in his State of the Union Address. The article summaries some of the many topics covered in his address like: immigration, gun control, climate change, minimum wage, troop withdrawal, debt, deficit, medicare, roads,  bridges, congress, foreign policy, and America’s future. While this article only covers a summary of the presidents speech, It made me think of Jameson’s piece, “The Geopolitical Aesthetic.” While Jamesons work questions the boundary between the inanimate and animate in nature and present society, he as well discusses how our old frameworks don’t apply to our world today. I think that this is something that can be seen through politics especially today, since maybe old political frameworks, laws, or beliefs, just don’t work for our our world today, and I believe that to a certain extent this is what was being touched upon in Obama’s speech.


Global Issue: Bipartisan politics


-Samantha Cooper


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One Response to State of the Union Address (Global Now)

  1. Barbara says:

    Samantha, Interesting point. Zygmunt Bauman calls these old categories that are no longer helpful in understanding the world, zombie categories. Like a zombie, they are the walking dead. Maybe we can discuss your post in relation to Valentina’s post about the pope stepping down.

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