A Winding, Modern Take On Japanese Paper Lanterns

Qian Liu (Sophie)

Headline:   A Winding, Modern Take On Japanese Paper Lanterns

Date: 02/13/2013

Source: Fast Co Design


After a month long travel in Japan, London-based designer Anthon Dickens turned his creativity to evolve the traditional Japanese Chochin lamps into a new illumination art story. By discovering the rich history and technique behind the lightweight lantern in eastern culture, Dickens was amazed at the skill and sensitivity of the craftsmanship and the shape transformation of paper and bamboo. He designed his new art work, “Tekio” , into a “winding, curving series of functional installations” that fully use the function of paper and shape to expand illumination.

Artwork is about invisible story telling, which always involve with the artist’s own narrative and inspirations from other subjects or culture. Emotion love storytelling, and that is, perhaps, the most powerful way to walk into people’ s heart. Dickens’ adaptation of illumination is telling stories about change and evolution today’s eastern culture. Lauran Redniss’ new book is telling love stories that reflect the reality of radioactive. There is always a new pattern under the surface, just like people hide their true face under the mask.

Link: http://www.fastcodesign.com/1671849/a-winding-modern-take-on-japanese-paper-lanterns#7

Global Issue: Art/Culture

Primary Design Lens: lighting design

Secondary Design Lens: Storytelling/Creativity


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One Response to A Winding, Modern Take On Japanese Paper Lanterns

  1. Barbara says:

    Sophie, Your argument that art is a form of storytelling is apt. Let’s discuss this in the lecture.

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