“Apartments make better places to work than offices” – Jean Nouvel

Date: February 8th, 2013

Source: Dezeen Magazine

Jean Nouvel on office design and repurposing empty buildings


This article introduced an exhibition of office spaces curated by a French architect Jean Nouvel, presenting a range of scenarios to replace the “grey cultural world” of purpose-built offices. Nouvel was interviewed about the exhibit has well.

            Nouvel says that we spend more and more of our lives in work places than at home and it shows a kind of contradiction because for a lot of people, to work is not to live. He claims that our apartments often make better places to work. And the opposite is right too: often it is better to live in the space designed to be an office. He wants people to imagine that furniture for offices is also for the home. He also believes that since everyone’s work is different, everyone’s ideal work environment must differ as well.

            His open-mindedness when trying to find solutions reminded me of the Curies’ acceptance and curiosity of Spiritualism, and their success in discovering solutions such as radioactive therapy. This sort of mentality is probably essential in inventing unconventional solutions, and perhaps the customization of office spaces will become a celebrated innovation in the future.

         – Jennifer Jung-Eun Kim

Link: http://www.dezeen.com/2013/02/08/jean-nouvel-interview-office-design-salone-ufficio-milan/

Global Issue: Experimentation and Problem Solving

Primary Design Lens: Interior Design

Secondary Design Lens: Design for Change


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One Response to “Apartments make better places to work than offices” – Jean Nouvel

  1. Barbara says:

    Jennifer, Your example also connects to the example of the Curies in the way in which it addresses the pleasure we find in work. The Curies clearly found great joy in their work even when it was tedious (think of the section from Marie’s diary where she talks about the lab where they extracted elements for the large drums from the mines). Maybe we can build on this in our class discussion.

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