Facebook Adds ‘Buy Tickets’ Button in Europe

Mi Yeon Park (Vivian)

Link: http://www.billboard.com/biz/articles/news/digital-and-mobile/1538893/facebook-adds-buy-tickets-button-in-europe

This article is about facebook adding “Buy Ticket”button in Europe. They are testing the button as they link the third-party-website to take consumers directly from facebook. As people click the button, it goes to Ticketmaster and Eventim, the largest ticket company in Europe. The report says that ”Facebook gets paid for the click and advertisers can easily track their conversions,”.

I think it is a great attempt to make little easier for people to buy tickets through facebook which is almost everyone’s daily thing these days, and as they add the button there, it reminds people to buy tickets when they need to. I could see that facebook is trying to communicate with people in various way by adding and offering other services like this to make it more interesting and convenient for people.facebook_buy_tickets_button_483

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One Response to Facebook Adds ‘Buy Tickets’ Button in Europe

  1. Barbara says:

    Your point that Facebook is trying to communicate could be developed into an interesting analysis and discussion. Think about Jameson’s points in last week’s reading. These might help in thinking through your example. Do make specific connections to class readings and lectures in your posts.

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