Fast Fashion.. That Kills (Global now)

February 13th 2013

Headline: Chemicals In Fast Fashion Revealed in Greenpeace’s Toxic Treads

Source: Huffington PostImage

It’s no surprise to us that the fast fashion corporations of today knock off high end designers, and sell at a lower cost but that cost isn’t only bad for the real design houses it’s also bad for your health. In a recent study by Greenpeace’s Detox campaign it was found that 20 major brands including Zara, Levi’s, Mango, Calvin Klein and H&M were among the largest companies with the most toxic clothing in their stores. This got me thinking about what I was really wearing on my body and also what went into making these garments. In the reading of Radioactive, it was stated that Pierre held up radioactive material to his skin until there was a hole in it. His idea was to see if radioactivity could not only kill good skin cells but also cancerous cells to improve the health of others. Pierre and Marie Curie had good intensions in their studies but their discovery lead to some of the most devastating tragedies and explosions of our time.

What I would like to believe is that none of these companies set out to hurt anyone directly and had good intensions but their misinformation about the conditions of the factories lead to really serious consequences and health issues. In Marie and Pierre’s life, they never intended or would have thought their discoveries would cause the death of thousands of people. They wanted to save lives not destroy them. In a similar stand, these corporations mostly had good intensions with making fashion affordable for everyone and didn’t think of the negative aspects of their work. Thankfully there is progress in the removing of chemicals from all of these companies clothing completely by 2020.

-Corinne Schiavone

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One Response to Fast Fashion.. That Kills (Global now)

  1. Barbara says:

    Corine, You literally translate Pierre’s experiment to our own bodies today. An interesting parallel. Maybe we can talk about the ethics involved in recitation.

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