Green is not in style among world’s leading fashion designers


A lot of luxury fashion houses contribute to chemical pollution and deforestation. According to this article, Greenpeace announced that Prada, Hermes, Dolce&Gabbana and Chanel failed to follow eco-friendly practices.

The trend of design in this age is ‘green’. It seems it’s impossible to avoid this trend, because the concern about the environment became so important to the world right now. In this situation, it makes no sense that worldwide known brands such as Chanel ignoring this ‘environmental protection movement’, which is going on throughout the whole world. I think these major companies should not only care about the brand images and profit, but also they should be the living models that show the effort to solve the global problem such as the environment. Also the designers create fashion trends should design ‘eco-friendly’ products so that the consumers in the world can think ‘green’ as the most beautiful and ideal concept of fashion.


Published: Fabruary 8, 2013

Yoonkyung Won

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One Response to Green is not in style among world’s leading fashion designers

  1. Barbara says:

    YoonKyung, This is a good start, but your post needs a bit more depth. Think about how your example relates to the David Harvey reading and our discussion of the complicated relationship between nature and culture.

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