See, think out of box



Sarah Illenberger, a German designer transformed common fruit and vegetable into many daily-tool forms and combined them with inedible objects like hair, keychain, lighter and more. She fuses two opposite objects to create a visual clash, something you will never thought about, and the most interesting, our brain might not adjust the different texture together when we see Sarah bizarre looking fruints’ artwork.




The radioactive lecture from Lauren Redniss gave me a great interested of seeing things out of box, of course, as a art school student we are always cheered to be brave using our creatives to depict our imagination. This is my third year in college, to be honest, I don’t see myself are turing to a creative person as I expect before I started my college life, I thought it will be more fun..that might sounds little tragedy but isn’t that horrible, I do learn lots techniques about making furnitures..The reasons may be various, but one main issue that I see will be the pressure from the reality, so I starting losing passion of “imagine”.  In Lauren’s presentation, the collage she made are showing us a great examples of seeing things in variety point of view, her version of Marie Curie is the cutest version that I have ever seen. So does what Sarah Illenberger’s surreal fruit works, the sources of inspiration can be anywhere as easy as we see everything around us, is all depended on how we turned the normal into another story. 

Mish MingHsi Chou
Patricia Ramos·Feb 13, 2013

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One Response to See, think out of box

  1. Barbara says:

    Ming-Hsi, This is an interesting correlation to Lauren’s work. Your point about the odd juxtapositions of both Sarah Illenberger’s work and that of Lauren is something we can discuss in class.

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