Storytelling: Sensitizing a desensitized generation.

Global issue: desensitization

lens: video designImage

Noor Arora


Over the last 13 years people have become less and less responsive to shocking imagery than ever before. Every story in the news (unless one is directly effected by it) is met with mild interest and then the channel is changed or the page is turned. Nothing sticks for long, be it global warming or a ‘would have been’ revolution.

How does one change that? How does one induce thought in an age where everything is so fast paced and every moment so fleeting that no one stops to breath? The answer is simple: with story telling and in the present day where everything is digital, through video.

Three short videos that made me see instead of just look are – the trailer for a movie ‘age of stupid’, an advertisement for a telecommunication company and a clip from one of my favorite movies ‘rang de basanti’.

While very different, each uses a combination of words and imagery in a story format putting the idea into something that people would enjoy (much like Lauren Redniss) to convey, directly or indirectly, a message that manages to seep in and stay.

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One Response to Storytelling: Sensitizing a desensitized generation.

  1. Barbara says:

    Noor, This would be interesting to discuss in class. The mode of storytelling that you discuss is interesting–could you develop your analysis a bit? Have you read Walter Benjamin’s essay on the storyteller? I think you would find it interesting. One of his points is that the (oral) story has deteriorated into images. He thought we were losing our ability to communicate our experience.

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