A Glass Division


Background: Google will soon be releasing its special glasses to a select few individuals.  Tracking only eye movements, the ‘Google Glass’ can search the web, receive updates, take pictures/video, etc.


Analysis: Google is a prime example of a technoculture–it encompasses a world unto itself. According to Designing Culture, “Media forms…have reconfigured what it means to be human by reconfiguring the possibility for the formation of social relationships”. However, I am still not sold on the innovation within the glass. Shouldn’t innovation provide a benefit to human culture; provide a long-term impact to ameliorate a current social condition? It’s true, there is potential within these glasses is to cross more cultural boundaries without as many of the physical constraints of a common physical device to carry. But I feel these expensive glasses may end up just creating more divisions between cultures: the haves, and have-nots. Not to mention, that this ‘innovation’ serves as a frightening example of how technology is coming closer and closer to our natural human bodies—will the next step be an implant on our eye? It will be interesting to see how/if Google Glass manages to inherit a more ‘innovative’ role in allowing its users (regardless of economic standing) to reshape their environments outside of the digital domain for the better. 

–Valentina P

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One Response to A Glass Division

  1. Barbara says:

    Valentina, speaking of eye implants, did you see this? http://www.nytimes.com/2013/02/15/health/fda-approves-technology-to-give-limited-vision-to-blind-people.html?_r=0 Comparing the Google glasses to this device, exemplifies the points you raise. Let’s discuss this in recitation.

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