Akshardham: blending the old and new



Noor Arora

link: http://www.thehindu.com/news/national/death-sentence-for-akshardham-temple-attack-convicts-upheld/article443455.ece


The article in the hindu talks about the confirmation of the death sentence awarded to the attackers of the akshardham temple in 2002.


But that’s not what I want to focus on. 


Akshardham is a relatively new hindu temple located in New Delhi that was finally completed in the mid 1990s. It, I think is a good example of the blend of culture and technology. While it does have the typical temple architecture, gardens and pray rooms, it also features digital pray rooms with flip screens where you can pick your god of choice, an IMAX theater showing stories of different pilgrims, a room to show the universal values for mankind presented through audio-animatronics, light and sound and a musical fountains set to the echoes Vedic sentiments.

Being agnostic I don’t really like to visit places of worship but this temple had me intrigued. It gives people a new was to see things that the followers of this religion knew but had forgotten. It mixes new age technology to show the ancient culture and traditions of the original settlers of Ganges civilization from almost 5000 years ago in a manner that’s not over bearing but fun.  

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One Response to Akshardham: blending the old and new

  1. Barbara says:

    Noor, this is a nice example of how culture and technology come together. Can you make some direct connections to Anne Balsamo’s text or lecture? Adding some direct connections could deepen your analysis.

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