‘Ghost writer: New app to keep you tweeting after death’

Jennifer Rock

Date: February 21

Source: RT.com


A new app is in development that will allow you virtually live forever. ‘LivesOn’ is an app that will analyze your online history, after you’ve passed, to select things like articles or videos that it predicts would have interested you and then, through twitter, posts it on your behalf.

This app is a perfect example of how technoculture is bringing us into realms we would have thought impossible only decades ago. This is immortality through technology.

It’s not a topic often talked about but with the advancements in social media, such as facebook, the people born into this new technological age will most likely have an internet presence from the day their born. I’m pretty sure that was Facebooks idea when they intoduced the ‘Timeline’ layout. Imagine how much data an app like LivesOn can gather within an entire lifetimes worth of information. And to think that technology is only going to advance over time.

As we get older the line bewtween what is real and what is not will start to blur. Imagine this app gains traction, your future great-great grandchildren might actually believe that their long dead relative really is sending them a e-card for their birthday from the grave. They might even be able to ‘talk’ to you, through computer generated responses from ‘you’. Should this type of use of technology be allowed? Where does it cross the line into becoming unethical?


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One Response to ‘Ghost writer: New app to keep you tweeting after death’

  1. Barbara says:

    Jennifer, this is a great example and you raise interesting questions that we should discuss further in our recitation.

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