Heady Returns, but Apple Finds Its Stock Falling


Apple is always coming up with new innovative products and is also considered one of the most innovative companies.  Recently the Apples stocks dropped 11 percent.  This is because if the challenges Apple is facing to try and please their customers.   The iPhone, which is one of Apples biggest selling products, is in a competition with Google and Samsung.  These days mostly everyone has a Smartphone and the competition with these companies gets challenging every year.  The companies want to make the best product worldwide, and to make these devices easier to use but at the same time they want them to be powerful enough to do almost anything on them.   Apple has a reputation for recreating themselves.  Some people think they can do it but also some people feel that maybe other companies may have an advantage now over Apple.  I personally use Apple products.  I think in many ways they are useful and they are always coming out with new versions of the iPhone and iPads, and even Mac’s.  I sometimes feel that the products they put out are pointless, like reinventing their products so many times in less than 2 years, that sometimes you don’t really have the full experience with that product.  I do feel that Apple will still be one of the top innovative companies world wide because of their products and like what the article said Apple has products that no one can live with out.

Mike Cicione


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One Response to Heady Returns, but Apple Finds Its Stock Falling

  1. Barbara says:

    Mike, can you connect your points to ideas from Balsamo? She claims that all new technologies change culture–what is Apple’s role in this? Deepen your analysis a bit.

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