Is Digital Technology Beneficial for Education?

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Christine Lee


Majority of teachers believe that constant use of digital technology is hampering the attention span of students. Students now spend double the amount of time with media and technology than with school. Teachers feel like they need to work harder to capture the attention of their students. “There is mounting indirect evidence that constant use of technology can affect behavior, particularly in developing brains, because of heavy stimulation and rapid shifts in attention.” Also in interviews many teachers brought up the “Wikipedia problem,” where students are so use to finding quick answers on the internet they no longer desire to give effort to finding solutions to difficult problems and quickly give up.


In the reading the Anne Balsamo talked about how there were “paradigm shifts going on at the edges of formal educational institutions, which are using digital technologies creatively to transform learning within the university.” However sometimes I wonder if these digital technologies are truly what’s best for education? Society always talk about the benefits of introducing technology in education, but fails to observe the negative effects it can cause. Observing the article above, I can’t help but agree with how I acted when I was in middle/high school. Anne Balsamo also talked about how these digital technologies can contribute to the transformation of culture in education. When I observe how culture has been transformed by technology, it scares me. Digital technology is literally sucking the potential, youthful time out of the young ones, making them, making us, waste our valuable time everyday. I should get off right now, but I can’t! It’s scary!

Source: New York Times


Global Issue: Technology

Primary Design Lens: Education and technology

Secondary Design Lens: Culture and technology

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One Response to Is Digital Technology Beneficial for Education?

  1. Barbara says:

    Christine, this is an interesting point. As Balsamo notes, all new technologies create cultural shifts–you mention some above and I think we can expand and develop your points in our recitation discussion.

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