predict future: 3D printer


“When it costs you the same amount of manufacturing effort to make advanced robotic parts as it does to manufacture a paperweight, that really changes things in a profound way,” Dr. Lipson said. President Obama has expressed a prospect about the new way of manufacturing in US, and this new technique is 3D printer. Mr.Obama has pushed new technologies before, like solar and wind power, as remedies for the global issues, and this activities attempt have only revived the debate about the limitation of government and industry, and this time, government has regarding on the popularizing the 3D printer will be the trend of future. However, Hod Lipson, an associate professor of the Creative Machines Lab at Cornell, said “3-D printing is worming its way into almost every industry, from entertainment, to food, to bio- and medical-applications.” 3D printer is in the fast speed of production and innovation, and its growing to be a necessary tool in our future, there is not only for the manufacturing, also the education system will need the 3D printers to teach kids how to design and print their world immediately.

3D printer has introduced to the world for awhile but not everyone get familiar to it. This new invention grows in the fast speed in popularize to our life. In the future, the functions of 3D printer is not only for producing a small size model, or limited to designer, or engineering based users, things like food, books, daily products can be directly printed in our home without going out to buy them, just by clicking on mouse while we resting on chair and browsing on the internet. A year ago, we can only print our model in the big machine in shop, but a year after, the personal 3D printer has officially introduce to the market even its still not quite affordable, but it still a big step of the new way of industrial revolution.

Disruptions: On the Fast Track to Routine 3-D Printing

New York Times

Minghsi Chou

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  1. Barbara says:

    Minghsi, there are some interesting connections between your post and the Balsamo reading. Linking your points directly to passages from the text or points from Balsamo’s lectures could deepen your analysis. Think in particular about her understanding of technoculture.

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