Scientists use 3D printing to help grow an ear


Vivian Park

This article is about Scientists use 3D printer for creating a replacement ear. It was first shown by Cornell University researchers and they were to help people who lost their ears by accidents or disease.

They crafted a human- shaped ear that grew with cartilage from a cow, because it is easier to obtain than human cartilage. Dr. Anthony Atala said that “the technology now is at the point where we can in fact print these 3-dimensional structures and they do become functional over time.” This shows that 3D printers are helpful and widely used even in medical field, not only in manufacturing.

As I major in product design, I am learning about 3D printers and products that can be made by them, and I figured this is interesting that they even can be used in other fields besides design field. It also shows that the technology has been developing in many ways to bring people more convenience and hope to their life.

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One Response to Scientists use 3D printing to help grow an ear

  1. Barbara says:

    Vivian, this is a great example to use in exploring Balsamo’s idea that all new technologies alter culture. Can you make some direct connections between some of Balsamo’s points and your example?

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