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How can we Implement the process of technological innovation in our work:

dribbble facebook flickr linkedin twitter I social media technology innovation can be seen as forum for measuring our achievements as well as dealing some of the issues we are afraid of addressing face to face sometimes. Networks like Facebook, Twitter and other social media network a like. These technologies and many of attributes that help us communicate more in detail many of our kinships,as well as it can be a place you can share your creativity and personalize our thoughts and ideas with others.

Many of the issues social media and technology is faced with today is The way we choose to use technology,  I terms of social values. It seems as though the way we use these technologies may result in  what might seem as connecting each community and making the world a smaller place. However it’s clare to me that in order for us to understand technology and the role it plays in our life, and I don’t feel as though there is a disconnect between the two and yet there is some-what a big difference in the man made aspects.

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  1. Barbara says:

    Omar, the emphasis on cultural values is important in the context of Balsamo–can you make some direct connections between your argument and the ideas Balsamo presents? Doing this would add depth to your analysis. Maybe we can develop this in our recitation discussion.

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