Virtual Reality



The first thing that comes to mind when thinking about virtual reality is Back to the Future or an early 90s video game advertisement. It was one of the many inventions that never made it’s leap from science fiction to the masses. This is all coming to a change soon, a start up company located in souther california called Oculus VR is making our virtual world a reality. When looking back to Designing Culture it was said that “Media forms…have reconfigured what it means to be human by reconfiguring the possibility for the formation of social relationships.” If Oculus VR is successful with branding a pair of virtual glasses, this will impact our every day lives. It won’t be just for gamers, virtual reality can help with patients in therapy and speed up our ever changing lives. The next big thing isn’t always brand new-technology that you never heard of. I wouldn’t be surprised if Apple brands a product down the line with these new  features or makes the new iPad with 3D features. The line between what is real and virtual is becoming more thin and can be a little startling how technology is becoming such a major factor in every day lives and how much we physically and mentally depend on it.

-Corinne Schiavone


Source: New York Times 

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One Response to Virtual Reality

  1. Barbara says:

    Corinne, this is an interesting example. Can you develop the idea you present from Balsamo–how new technologies (your example in particular) reconfigure social relationships?

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