A Seed for Change


Background: A graphic design student proposes a modern, zero-waste vegetable branding/packaging that you can also plant (the biodegradable tag is infused with small seeds).




Analysis:  I found this to be an excellent example of what Timo Rissanen deems “…design that fosters more sustainable lifestyles instead of ‘sustainable’ products”. Though the discussion focused on sustainability in fashion items, I wanted to explore what sustainability looks like as a graphic designer. This vegetable packaging succeeds in using no harmful inks or plastics, but more importantly, it encourages users to plant their own vegetables—thus using its design to foster a less impactful future. I wonder however, how designers can translate sustainable lifestyles via the web. Electronics in their very nature use many resources and energy in their production process. It is unrealistic to say that we should all just stop using these products. So perhaps it is there that we should focus; on creating a more sustainable process when developing the tools we use as designers.

-Valentina P

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One Response to A Seed for Change

  1. Barbara says:

    Valentina, thinking through Timo’s ideas/challenges from the perspective of design fields other than fashion will add some depth to our discussion. You point to the various levels and points of intervention that all of us as practitioners should consider as we engage our work. Let’s discuss this today.

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