Fashion and Superheroes


Christine Lee


Seeing how most of the posts involve sustainability, I thought I might go with another route. During the presentation I was intrigued by the girl who wore her great grandmother’s hand-sewed wool jacket that has been passed down generation to generation. Fashion usually goes by fast, but it’s nice to observe and discuss about fashion that slowly moves down generations. A good example of this? Superhero costume fashion! In this video Tim Gunn talks about superhero fashion: how the costumes slowly change overtime, what kind of effect these iconic outfits have on culture, how people interpret these costumes, what message these superhero fashion give out, etc. While I agree that fashion taste changes overtime and is effected by culture, overall I think people still can generally appreciate good fashion design.

Should fashion be a quick trend? Or can we design fashion so that it can last a long time, even generations? What kind of message does these “generation” clothes give off?

Global Issue: Fashion

Primary Design Lens: Icon

Secondary Design Lens: Culture

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One Response to Fashion and Superheroes

  1. Barbara says:

    Christine, this is a great in-road to thinking about the cultural practices that would need to be rethought if we are to move to a sustainable lifestyle (as Timo calls it). The challenge is daunting. Your post reminds us that the role of aesthetics is no small obstacle in this. Let’s discuss this aspect in recitation.

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