Gun abuse. same as democracy.


Given the enormity of those crimes that is understandable. However, after so many mass shootings in 2012 in Aurora, Colorado, and the Connecticut attack, the one common thread running through these mass shooting is the gunman used a military style, and with large capacity of magazine to shout people. Dianne Feinstein, United States Senator has announced that assault weapons are “personal pleasure[s]” that should not take precedence over the good of the nation. This is the statement from her, “We will make the case that these weapons do not belong on the streets of our cities,” she said, during an MSNBC appearance. “I recognize it’s an uphill battle. … But the mothers, the women, the men of American have to make a decision as to whether their personal pleasure is more important than the general welfare.”

I agree with Feinstein’s opinion, although someone points out she is just promoting her agenda. Many politicians are debating about her vows of the weapon ban is a political suicide for democracy. There is one thing keep questioning in my mind, why the whole thing about the assault weapons ban will be to a problem of democracy? That is a fact, too many people lost their life because of a gunman who authorized to have a weapon to protect him/herself legally. If this came reasonable, are we expecting people to shot at each other when they in danger, then who should we blamed to? is ourself. It is not a game in congress, or between senators. At lease Feinstein says one thing right, who really need a gun just for protecting themselves if theres nothing could hurt their life so easily. To me, I see democracy is becoming an agenda for politicians, and that is also an abuse. The foresight of democracy cannot be build on people don’t trust the society and each other.

Mish Minghsi Chou

 Washington times
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One Response to Gun abuse. same as democracy.

  1. Barbara says:

    Minghsi (do you prefer Mish?), your post shows us how ideologies take on a particular character in particular contexts. If it is the case that these ideas and beliefs develop in response to their context, then we can be hopeful that they can be reworked and understood differently if we can create a new context. This is similar to the challenge posed by Timo in terms of how cultural practices and habit have to be reworked if we are to move from simply thinking about sustainable products to adopting a sustainable lifestyle.

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