Levi’s Goes Green With Waste < Less Jeans


Source: BussinessWeek

This Year LEVIS, America’s denim sweetheart, is taking on that damn water bottle. Their new WASTE< LESS line incorporates the use of recycled bottles into the fabric! About 8 bottles to a pair of jeans. The line in a whole will recycle 3.5 million bottles. This is not the first time the company has promoted and practiced more responsible manufacturing methods. They have also gone through lengths to control their water usage in their manufacturing processes and have encouraged consumers to wash and dispose of their products in more responsible ways.

My one question is, does the method of using the recycled material result in a higher use of energy through it’s processing? To better explain this is through an example. Bamboo fabric became very popular as a sustainable material as bamboo is a highly renewable plant. What many consumers did not know was the process of turning bamboo into fabric is a high energy, intensive process making the substantiality of bamboo relatively void. If using these materials causes the manufacturing processes to become more harmful, what are the pro’s and con’s to both. Like many designers working with sustainability in mind it seems the conclusions are filled with compromises.

Link: http://www.businessweek.com/articles/2012-10-18/levis-goes-green-with-waste-less-jeans#p2

Global Issue: Sustainable Fashion
Primary Design Lens: Fashion Design
Secondary Design Lens: Design for Sustainability

-Moira Kelly

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One Response to Levi’s Goes Green With Waste < Less Jeans

  1. Barbara says:

    Moira, the questions you raise are directly related to Timo’s argument that we need to move from sustainable products to a sustainable lifestyle. This shift involves rethinking cultural practices and looking more critically at the processes we pose as solutions.

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