Levi’s, RISD Collaborate on Sustainable-Design Education

Vivian Park


Abstract: This article is about Levi’s is working with the Rhode Island School of Design to teach the designers to incorporate both style and sustainability. It is five-week course that has a goal to get feedbacks on new styles and apply new thinking to real products.The students will also learn about the development of ideas, color, texture, and pattern in relation as they exploring techniques. That will make students understand better about the natural properties of the material and a simpler, and also more sustainable design process will evolve. I think it is a good attitude to have to think differently, and try to approach for both stylish and sustainable products. Also I could see designer’s passion to make their products better as they challenge themselves. Image

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One Response to Levi’s, RISD Collaborate on Sustainable-Design Education

  1. Barbara says:

    Vivian, could you be more specific about how this collaboration between the school and the corporation will promote sustainable approaches?

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