Putting Glamour in Sustainable Design


Link: http://www.cnn.com/2012/05/21/world/europe/eva-kruse-eco-fashion

Eva Cruse, CEO of the Danish Fashion Institute and Chairman of the Nordic Fashion Association, has a vision for fashion that involves sustainable practices on the part of companies and the consumer. While many may imagine sustainable and recycled clothing to be in the realm of “DIY”, Eva argues that in can in fact be glamourous. She hosts summits heralding sustainable practices and goes further to involve celebrities in her cause. Timo Rissannen notes that “With most garments currently produced through conventional mass-production methods, a considerable amount of fabric is wasted. This wasted fabric may, however, be incorporated back into the garment in various ways”. Eva Cruse believes that they can not only achieve such a sustainable way to design, but they can make it into high fashion. Trash-Couture reuses, redesigns, respins, and recycles leftover fabric from their own collection and that of other design houses as part of the design and boasts numerous celebrity customers. There is definitely not only a push for sustainable design, but it’s reaching an accepted realm of glamour that hasn’t been seen before. 

-Stephanie Lin

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One Response to Putting Glamour in Sustainable Design

  1. Barbara says:

    Stephanie, this is an interesting point–that we shift cultural and aesthetic understandings. The ways in which we now understand sustainable products are limited. Think too about how this could lead to a sustainable lifestyle (versus just the production of sustainable products).

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