Re-Think Your Belt! Huckstraps! (Kickstarter)


Date: 2/26/13


Abstract: Huckstraps is a company claiming to make “sustainable” and contemporary belts out of 100% recycled thermoplastic materials. The company is using a one size fits all approach, where consumers can adjust their belt and clamp it to be a custom fit. The brand is boasting that pros of purchasing the belts are that they are made from recycled and the most “eco-friendly material out there,” as well as them being waterproof, custom, etc., etc. While I think that its great that the belts are made from recycled material, I couldn’t help but think about Timo Rissanen’s article and his lecture. I think what he was trying to illustrate to us and to the public as well is that its not just about making “sustainable products” but changing the design process to be sustainable. I think recycled belts are great, but what about the entire process is sustainable? Or how sustainable are recycled plastic belts really for the environment once that plastic belt is thrown away and in a landfill?


Primary Design Lens: Product Design

Secondary Design Lens: Sustainable/eco-friendly design


-Samantha Cooper

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One Response to Re-Think Your Belt! Huckstraps! (Kickstarter)

  1. Barbara says:

    Samantha, you raise some important and critical points. Timo is posing a challenge–that we move from sustainable products to a sustainable lifestyle. This clearly posed a daunting set of obstacles in the form of necessary cultural shifts. Let’s discuss this when we meet later today.

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