Urban Design for Bicycles: a Plausible Sustainable Solution


Jennifer Jung-Eun Kim

Date: February 13th, 2013


Using bicycle-friendly cities like Copenhagen as inspiration, a growing number of cities around the world are changing their urban design to become biking cities. Designing cities with bicycles in mind reduces emissions, commute times, urban sprawl and illness. Many cyclists say extensive infrastructure is needed – not just painted lines, but physically separated bikeways that are safe for cyclists.

Proper infrastructure, including bike parking and segregated bike paths, needs to be integrated into existing cities. Concepts such as making some traffic congested streets into bicycle-only streets should be considered to change existing infrastructure.


I thought that making an effort to popularize an older invention verses the newer automobiles was an interesting concept in relation to Timo Rissanen’s example of looking back at men’s shirts from the late 1700s as a source of inspiration for sustainable solutions.  Rissanen stresses the need to design for sustainability, as opposed to sustainable design, and this example of designing the urban structure to encourage a sustainable lifestyle, rather than designing a “sustainable” product may be a concept that designers need to address. 

Link: http://designbuildsource.com.au/urban-design-for-bicycles-a-plausible-sustainable-solution

Global Issue:  Sustainability

Primary Design Lens:  Sustainable Design

Secondary Design Lens: Urban Design

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2 Responses to Urban Design for Bicycles: a Plausible Sustainable Solution

  1. Barbara says:

    Jennifer, the link between infrastructure and sustainable lifestyles is important. It shows how deeply we need to think if we are going to go beyond changes that only circulate on the surface. Maybe we can discuss this today in class.

  2. This is my first time pay a visit at here and
    i am actually happy to read everthing at one place.

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