zero-waste lifestyle

Bea Johnson

Date: June.4, 2010

Headline: Zero-waste living moves into mainstream

Source: NBCnews

     The lecture(by Timo Rissanen) was mainly about sustainability, zero waste in fashion field, but I felt that this article have a relationship to the lecture even though it’s about our lifestyle.  

     Zero Waste has been an issue for quite a while and it is still mentioned a lot among people. This article mainly talks about the waste of package (plastic bags). For instance, when you go to the market, you get plastic bags, which you don’t really need that much. It’s a big waste. So in order to prevent this waste, people started to bring their own plastic bags so that they don’t have to get another plastic bag from the market or wherever the place is. Also it’s much convenient too because they don’t have to care about the plastic bag.

     As in fashion field, since seam allowance is considered as a part of a waste, people try to use the seam allowances to another part of their garment instead of throwing it away, which is a good idea. In the same way, people started putting this same strategy in our life style, which  will bring a big improvement to the level of our lifestyle.

Shauna Lee

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One Response to zero-waste lifestyle

  1. Barbara says:

    Shauna, the notion of zero waste is something to consider in realms beyond that of fashion as you mention. Your example shows how simple it is to make small changes that could have a large impact on a cultural level.

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