Changing lives and the fear

Celina Lee

Date: 03.05.13

Source: BBC News

Headline: How ‘big data’ is Changing Lives

pizza delivery


The five-minute video report breifly introduces how ‘big data’ can change the way we view the world and improve our daily activites by understanding and analyzing the visual information. The image above is one of the examples the author uses to explain how pizza is delivered throughout Manhattan during the rush hour, and then it further examines where the pizzas are produced and delivered throughout the country. As Hunt said, “there is a shift in scale, and the problem changes.”

Matter of fact, data is a visual representation, a “conceptual scale” that helps us to read information, see the problem and design a creative solution. It efficiently organizes flooding knowledge into one collective form, and is accessed to the mass through various networks: Internet, social networks, news, advertisments etc. It is amazing how much data we consume and are exposed to everyday compare to our parents’ generation.

Indeed, the use of data elevated our lives in various, unimaginable ways. However, how mcuh  longer can we rely on these scale-free networks that are “highly vulnerable to a coordinated attack,” hacking?


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One Response to Changing lives and the fear

  1. Barbara says:

    Celina, as you are aware, there are many debates about the visualization of big data. I think it would be interesting to discuss your post alongside those of Valentina and Christina. This will give us a range of ways to think about how data and information can be best understood (from the perspective of scale) for different types of issues.

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