AT&T has a sneaky plan – exploiting the system





This reading reflects the Scale-free Networks reading in the sense that it addresses the networking foundation but it shows how a factor can manipulate the entire system. AT&T are abusing loopholes in the the flawed views the FCC has on IP’s. AT&T are effectively placing impact on nodes and hubs of the public telecommunications network. They are attempting to replace the portions of their networks that still use circuit-switching technology with equipment that uses Internet Protocol (IP) to route voice and data traffic. As a possible result to AT&T’s interference would be higher prices for their service, constant service disruptions and telecom blackouts, and inequality and discrimination.



Global Issue: Networks

Primary design lens: Online feedback system

Secondary Design lens: Internet inverse feedback

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One Response to AT&T has a sneaky plan – exploiting the system

  1. Barbara says:

    Jaime, could you elaborate on the type of network shown here and its relation to the ideas in the reading? You raise some critical points–it would be great too to think of your example in terms of leverage points. Which leverage points are being used by AT&T?

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