Endless innovation

Headline: Innovative Accessories

Source: Youtube

Date: 01.24.13

     As technology became one of the biggest part of our lives, it never stop to be apart from us by developing every seconds. As year passes by, the speed of development is getting faster. From few years ago, i-pad came out, which was really popular. Since then, several i-pad versions came out. Nowadays, the accessory for i-pad also became an issue. 

     The accessory that is introduced in this video is, there is an accessory, which you could put  your i-pad on top of it and mount it almost every place you go that is made out of metal. What’s more, it could be also used as a laptop. You just put your i-pad on top of the accessory and then connect to your keypad, that’s all! This little thing can replace a laptop and I think this is incredible.

     These days, technological stuffs are not everything, the function of the accessories became important, which could also be the turning point of our life to a more comfortable life.  

Shauna Lee

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One Response to Endless innovation

  1. Barbara says:

    Shauna, this is the sort of “designing away” that Timo was discussing. If we can combine technologies and make them more modular, we may be able to reduce the amount we consume.

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