New technology allows the paralyzed to paint with their brainpower

flyingbrain-shutterstockDate: 03/06/13

Abstract: The article is about the new technology that helps paralyzed patients paint with their brain power. The idea came from an artist who had a friend paralysed in an accident who loved painting. The service was offered by the company g-tec, and the program has been already trialled successfully on disabled patients. To use this program, patients wears a cap that measures brain activity. By focusing hard on a flashing icon on a screen, the cap can recognise the specific brain activity connected to that item, allowing the user to “choose” what he or she wants the computer to do. The artist can select various shapes and colours via brainpower and build up a basic picture on the screen and they can even draw straight lines. I think it is an amazing invention to use human’s brainpower to draw and paint. It is going to be so much helpful for paralyzed people who still have passion for art. By this new technology, the paralyzed would be able to draw and pursue their dreams of art even though they cannot use their body. As this kind of new technology keeps developing, it gives disabled artists, or designers hope to continue their work.


Vivian (Mi Yeon) Park.

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One Response to New technology allows the paralyzed to paint with their brainpower

  1. Barbara says:

    Vivian, this is amazing! It reminds me of our discussion of the Jameson reading and the idea that all technologies are communication–maybe we could also add expression. Let’s discuss this in recitation.

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