pills not for cure, smart drugs


Smart drugs, particularly Adderall (an amphetamine prescribed for A.D.H.D) are freely available be taken by anyone, especially college students whenever meet academic pressure, and also they need the pay attention for all night to get their paper done. “The problem is that Adderall is dangerous, a Class 2 controlled substance like cocaine. While it has helped countless A.D.H.D. sufferers, it can also lead down a dark road of dependency, ever higher doses, fight-or-flight anxiety levels, sleeplessness and depression.” said Roger Cohen.


Smart drugs are quite common for most college students, even my friend told me he and his friends got used to take them to stay awake during exams. They didn’t really do what normal students doing; they don’t go classes, every exam they just take three days to prepare with smart drugs, studying all night and they usually got pass. From the most shallow part of smart drugs, smart drugs are harmful for longtime using it to our body, but people who take it are mostly just for functional purpose, only short period. However, when we scale this issue bigger to the spirit part, and think more deeply, smart drugs are just ruined the purity of life, somehow destroys our belief. Students gradually lose the idea for studying, and people might just not dream big because they can only see the thing with benefit. Maybe smart drugs are just small pills but I think is enough for changing a person then to the society. Think about the movie Limitless(2011), he earns reputations, house, and wealth but after he gain these he die after. Furthermore, when a product designer’s thoughts become materiality and mainly focus on short benefit, then will only increase the mess production in the market without creativity and innovative.

Minghsi Chou

NY times  03052013





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One Response to pills not for cure, smart drugs

  1. Barbara says:

    Minghsi, this is an interesting topic to consider in the context of scale. The way you place this in the context of the long-term versus the short-term shows the importance of thinking about scale in a temporal sense.

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