Scale Free Networks

By Omar Greene

The ALBERT-LASZLO` reading:

Thinking about the scapular view and the placement of random frameworks, I think the way film and cinema reaches us in or homes across the globe this can be seen as another form of free network. Alberts mentioned in the reading that despite the importance and pervasiveness of networks, science dose seem to get lose in the understanding of these structures and also it’s understanding. that same can be said about cinema, no one can really tell the reasons why, but we just know that, that movie moved us emotionally and shad some social communications of systems, leading, epidemics, diseases and computer viruses, issues we deal out in the real work.

It is not too hard to imagine how many people share this common free network, because we share the same property of this network, and can see how many people are apart of it each time we go to the movies.

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One Response to Scale Free Networks

  1. Barbara says:

    Omar (please put your name in your post), it is intriguing to think about how there might exist a network of shared emotions or experiences via film viewing. Have you read Walter Benjamin’s essay “The Work of Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction”? He talks about how film is an experience shared by the masses with political potential.

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