Scaling Syria


Background: In response to the Syrian Civil War, Syrians have been fleeing for their lives for many months. They are crossing borders into Jordan, Lebanon, Iraq, and Turkey. This week, the number of registered refugees has reached one million people.

Analysis: This article attempts to demonstrate the immense scale of the mass exodus in Syria. They relate it as if “the entire population of Ottawa, Canada’s capital, had to suddenly leave”. However, this number is truly beyond the realm of human conception. Since we cannot truly grasp this scale via an article or various news stories, the whole crisis seems to have been swept under the rug. The question is, how can we help such a vast number of people—as the numbers grow, problems keep evolving. How do we provide substantial resources? As economies in the host countries dwindle, this most definitely has repercussions worldwide. This seems to be an example of using law and politics as a design opportunity for reform

Valentina P

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One Response to Scaling Syria

  1. Barbara says:

    Valentina, you raise an interesting point–one similar to that in Christine’s post on the Aral Sea devastation. Let’s discuss these two posts together and think more about the issue of scale in understanding issues that are difficult to grasp due to problems with what Jamer called, “conceptual scale.”

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