You may now kiss the computer screen




You’ve been dreaming of this day your entire life. You and your one true love will be joining your eternal souls in the resplendent, holy matrimony of… a Skype session. The New York Times explains that proxy weddings via Internet have become increasingly common—and increasingly controversial with the questions of immigrant marriage fraud and legitimate consent at the forefront. Online marriages are, for now, entirely legal, nor are they trailblazers by any means—there is even documentation of marriages via telegram. But although technological advancements now allow us to at least be certain that both parties even exist there are still a lot of risk involved. Not only for the persons emotional state but also a fraudulent risk of stealing ones identity or conning them into all sorts of illegal activity. As Barabasi says “Computer networks.. such as the world wide wed are highly resistant to accidental failures. But they are very vulnerable to deliberate attacks and sabotage.” To some degree putting anything personal out on the internet can be a risk but that is the potential implications of the internet. While this may seem to be a good for some people who are physically separated by distance for long periods of time; such as a solider off at war, for the majority of us it is useless and also creates a whole wave of problems and factors that crack the system. Proxy weddings are a factor that can manipulate the entire system with negative output such as human trafficking. Proxy marriages allow human traffickers a quick, and more importantly legal way of bringing women and children into another country where they’ll be forced into sex work. Getting married is a celebration about joining two people together, not one person to a computer screen. The thought of that is not only depressing it’s not what a marriage celebration is meant to stand for. 


Global Issue: World Wide Web

Primary Design Lens: Human Relationship

Secondary Design Lens: Marriage

-Corinne Schiavone 

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One Response to You may now kiss the computer screen

  1. Barbara says:

    Corinne, this not only shows us a new form of networking, it recalls our discussions from previous weeks where we discussed how new technologies pose new negotiations (think of our conversation about the Jameson and Balsamo readings). Let’s discuss this today in class. (By the way, I like your typo: “world wide wed”–very appropriate.)

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