Montessori Maybe?


Background: A Montessori-style teaching school has recently carved an open entryway between classrooms. The decision was made to further a Montessori-principle: freedom of movement for students.—.html

Analysis: The thing that struck me most about our reading this week, was how effective a hands-on learning method can be. New Orleans students and citizens were provided with skills—rather than just a lecture format on how/why to remove lead from their soil. There are huge debates regarding the best method to teach/learn—and I believe that interactive experiences (as is stressed in Montessori schools), is most effective as opposed to lecture formats. However, I do not propose that interactivity equates touch-screen technology. People truly learn when they must teach others. Thusly, it would be imperative to teach skill sets to impoverished areas (rather than simply giving monetary donations). By teaching a skill to one individual, there is the potential to teach a whole community. We can gain so much by ultimately giving what seems like so little.




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One Response to Montessori Maybe?

  1. Barbara says:

    Valentina, your idea that teaching is the way to act and learn is interesting in the way in which it addresses power as a crucial component in these processes. Let’s discuss this in relation to the New Orleans project.

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