No Need to Wear a Watch

Screen shot 2013-03-14 at 7.41.52 PM

Date: 8/7/09

Source: NY  Times

Abstract: The article, “No Need to Wear a Watch” highlights the most expensive apartment in Dumbo, Brooklyn that is located in the Brooklyn Bell tower. The apartment is a triplex thats main floor is alone 3,000 sq. ft. and features four working clocks. The apartment was placed ont he market for $25 million dollars, which is well above the most expensive apartment bought in Brooklyn. The architecture in this apartment reminds me very much of Julie Bargmann’s work and her drive to preserve the cultural landscapes of our time. This apartment takes a space that could be entirely forgotten, and possibly eventually destroyed,  but is easily re-contextualized, or re-purposed to function as something else while still preserving it’s cultural and historic elements. While this may be an older example, I feel that the architecture that is historic to a previous time in Brooklyn has been salvaged and apart of something new.


Primary Design Lens: Architecture

Global Issue: Preserving cultural landscapes

-Samantha Cooper

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